and all that …

Next weekend Wynton Marsalis is playing in San Diego, and I am beyond excited to be attending the concert.

There is something about jazz that gets down deep into the emotional parts of me so often closed off from the rest of the world. A delicate piano riff can bring tears to my eyes much faster than any spoken word. Music is powerful like that. It has an express lane bypass right past the parts of your brain responsible for logic and language. A direct line to your soul.

If it is possible to put emotion down on paper, then it is done using bass and treble clefs. An alphabet made up of quarter, half, and whole notes is punctuated by an emphatic fortissimo in place of the far less expressive exclamation point, while rests stand in for the oft overused comma.

To be able to see a master like Wynton take the role of narrator is a privileged. I may be born too late to have enjoyed tickling my eardrums with the sounds of Duke Ellington in some speak easy, but this weekend I will be in my own personal time machine.




*** If this news is exciting to you, check out the link at the top of this post! The tour extends far beyond San Diego…


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