A good reason for heels

Previously I posted here about how excited I was to go see Wynton Marsalis in concert. Now, I am not the type of gal who enjoys getting all gussied up in heels and gowns, but this particular occasion called for just that.


It was absolutely worth it. Every single musician performing with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra ensemble was phenomenal. Our seats were all the way towards the top of the balcony, but if you have not been to the Balboa Theatre, then let me assure you, there is not a bad seat in the house.


(there was a strict no cameras rule,

…so naturally I waited until the show was over to break it)

When I was just a tiny little rambling machine, my Grandparents would take us to see the symphony downtown, so it was endearing and a little bit nostalgic for me to see so many elderly folk, dressed to the nines, enjoying one of the greats play music from their heyday.

The $9 drinks were less endearing, but at least available prior to the performance.

If I were a more daring and inconspicuous operator of my cell phone camera, I’d have shared with you the guy who could pass for Colonel Sander’s stunt double audaciously sipping from his flask, right there in the lobby. …but I’m not. 

I’ll work on that. 

Until next time, ramble on people.


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