Countdown to Meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

Without starting off yet another blog post debasing myself for a lack of material… YES, I know it’s been pretty quiet on this oh-so-oft visited corner of the interwebs.

That being said, I finally have a weekend trip planned, although it’s not exactly the most exciting or exotic location this time. Boyfriend and I are heading out to Phoenix, AZ to visit some family. Driving. In a car. With no air-conditioning.

hand holding thermometer and heat weather


(oh god) 

It’s 6 hours by car from home and we plan to do part of it at night, but on the way home there is no avoiding the evil day star that I assume is going to cook us whole in the tin can on wheels we will be riding in.

I’m not the best with unforgiving sun and 278 degree summer temperatures. Think Irish-guy-at-the-beach, damn-girl-did-you-just-get-burned-by-the-full-moon? level whiteness. So I’m going to grease myself up with SPF 70  like Paula Deen would butter a honey ham and hope for the best.

(It’s never a good sign when your own family says, good luck, Phoenix in summer is “UGLY!”) 

Considering the debacle with the brakes on the last road trip, this is going to be an interesting one. Stay tuned for pictures of tires not just on fire, but probably melted to the asphalt!



Pray for us Ramblers…. 


Viva Mexico!

People, we have a destination. So far all the rambling on this blog has been of the verbal vomit variety. Well, as much as my ego would love it if that were the case, I’m guessing people stopping off in this tiny cobweb covered corner of the internet aren’t looking for the answers to the ultimate question, as drummed up by me.

(spoiler alert: the answer is 42)

So, in keeping with the spirit of this whole endeavor, I will be hopping across the border and into Mexico to visit a gorgeous spot called Canyon de Guadalupe.

“Where is that?” you say? Well, actually, your fearless traveler over here will be heading to an oasis.

Yes, you read that correctly, an oasis. Complete with resplendent palm trees and cool waterfalls.


photo credit:


As well as natural hot springs, with mineral water filling the pool of your own personal hot tub.


photo credit:

Yes, there’s one at every single campsite.

… where it just so happens some amazing and talented people will be throwing a festival.



I know it will be tough, but I will do my best to make it through.

I’ll report back with more photos, pictures, and stories of adventure after this epic event at the beginning of May.

Ramble on….